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E-Word cover


E-Word: tracing English and world words to the

Semitic Mother Tongue attested in Biblical Hebrew

2021 Edition (2261 pages)

By Isaac Mozeson

Format: PDF (Non-printable)
File size: 17.6MB

A Garden of Edenics

2021 edition


Format: PDF (Non-printable)   File size: 6.47MB (936 pages)

Hebrew 1001

HEBREW 1001 book cover400 estore

Format: PDF (Non-printable)   File size: 689KB


The Origin of Speeches
The Origin of Speeches bk cover

          Available at Lightcatcherbooks and Amazon


German from Edenic
German from Edenics bk cover

Format: PDF (Non-printable)  File size: 950KB


Format: PDF (Non-printable)

File size: 957KB   87 pages

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