Global Edenics Team

The following people added their language or other skills to our ever-expanding Edenics project. We are out to bring home to Eden the world’s exiled words. And there is a lot of words out there. Come on board……..

Mozeson, Isaac (Jerusalem, Israel) – founder and chief researcher

Aedo, Fernando (Peru/Switzerland) – book and DVD translations into Spanish and French. Research: Amerindian, Dravidian  Education, blogosphere, etc.

Ansley, Al L. (Lansing, MI) – audio CD narration research: sub-roots

Backon, Dr. Joshua (Jerusalem, Israel) – Hebrew, Bible media

Beckerman, Miriam D. (Toronto, Canada)  – Yiddish language

Bergman, Mats (Malmo, Sweden) – research, Swedish, Saami (Lapp)

Bermeister, Kevin (Sydney, Australia) – behind the web games, word search and archives of

Book, Leonard (Israel) – see speaker corner

Brakshoofden, Kees (Holland) – research, Dutch

Cooper, David (N. California) – video production

David, Daniel (Ra’anana, Israel) – the tech wizard of

Eliassi, Kamy (Los Angeles, California) – education research, Persian

Farias, Dr. Kranti (Mumbai, India) – research, Hindi

Gallin, Aryeh (Jerusalem, Israel) – media, Root & Branch Association

Gillespie, Stephen (USA) – research, Irish, Gaelic and Welsh

Jansen, Linda (Dresden, Germany)  – German proofreading

Long, James and Carol (Springdale, AR) – creation and distribution of Edenics resources,, research, Ancient Egyptian

MacFhionnlaigh, Fearhas (Invernes, Scotland) – research, Celtic

Mohler, Rev. Jonathan (Keeler, TX) – research, Bantu languages

Monti, Adriana  (Canada)  – research, French and Italian

Mozeson, Kinneret (Jerusalem, Israel) – web design,  slideshow production, editing, proofing, varied research and online reference

Nuuttila, Mikko (Finland) – research, Finnish

Payawal, John (Philippines) – Tagalog-Edenic slideshow and technical support

Schwartz, Yitzchak (Philadelphia, PA) – Android app developer

Shen, George (San Francisco, CA) – research, Chinese

Silverman, Philip (Atlanta, GA) – editing, education

Soutric, Alejandro (Buenos Aries, Argentina) – provides valuable research materials from his museum for the Amerind project. Among his impressive language credentials is professional tutoring in Arabic.

Teferi, Teferi (Ethiopia) – research, Amharic

Van Riper, Philip (Albuqurque, NM) – research, tech production, proofreading

Waclaw, Schreyer (Germany) – research, Polish, German and Semitic

Werling, Regina, Lioba (Germany) – vast and varied research

Wood, Aaron (Jerusalem, Israel)  – technical support and Chinese language

Worowski, Janusz (New Jersey, U.S.A) – research, Polish and Slavic

(less recent contributors of research, etc. are listed in the The Origin of Speeches and the “E-Word Digital Dictionary”)



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