Isaac Mozeson is only one of a score of dedicated Edenicists, a number that we hope to greatly swell.  But he is the founder of Edenics, chief researcher and editor who writes the word base (E-Word Digital Dictionary) as he receives raw data from other researchers around the globe. Before the project matured in its international scope, in 1989, a first book was published entitled, The Word: The Dictionary that Reveals the Hebrew roots of English. That 310 page, oversize book had only 22,000 English words linked to the Edenic language (then just called “Hebrew”).  The Word is not available, but the latest E-Word eBook has far more material on the intelligent design of Edenics, much more cognates from both familiar and exotic foreign languages, and a 100s more English-from-Edenic links.

To stay on top of the exciting discoveries in Edenics, add The Origin of Speeches (2006), The Edenics CD III, or more, to your public or private library. Isaac’s blog can be accessed via FB or Twitter.

The Edenic language has already been downloaded into a memory stick between your ears.  After reading about Edenics, you may find it easy to research your way into history.  Take a language you know, or enjoy, or, even better, an obscure native language from your region, and begin linking words of similar sound and sense as found in E-Word Digital Dictionary. 

You might begin with a small list in the Edenic eBook (with your name and email #), you might then record your own audio CD and script booklet It might then grow into a translation of OOS, or your own (your choice here)-from-Edenic dictionary.

Mozeson completed doctoral coursework at New York University, but in a literature program – not linguistics.  Linguistics was a dreaded requirement. This young troublemaker was attuned to English poetry and trained in Hebrew. Only an outsider sees that the emperor wears no clothes, and that Western linguists had no clue what Biblical Hebrew was… or the miracle of engineering that language really was.

Isaac Mozeson has written seven previous books, including a dictionary of slang, poetry, and a Jewish history text.  Mozeson had been teaching English and Judaica at NYC area colleges. In 1997, with a life-threatening Heat Stroke in the Galilee (5-day coma, total organ failure), Mozeson’s discoveries were nearly buried with him.

Disability since 1997, including 8 years with a voice that could hardly be understood, gives him the time to work on Edenics. He now lives in Jerusalem with his wife.


American Jewish Lit., Biblical Literature, Jewish Life Cycle, English Comp. and Lit. at Bramson ORT, Lehman College, New York University, Stern and Yeshiva College.

Book Review Staff: Kirkus Reviews ; Publishers Weekly, former Editor of Judaica Book News   Numerous articles and poems (see Amazon/Kindle) in print supplement his 9 books.


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