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Tracing English and world words to the Semitic Mother Tongue attested in Biblical Hebrew

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The Origin of Speeches:
Intelligent Design In Language

2nd Edition

From The Language Of Eden To Our Babble After Babel

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Welcome (back) to the Garden of Edenics.

Here you will discover that

ALL human words contain forms of the Edenic
roots within them. These pre-Hebrew, early Biblical Hebrew
words were programmed into our common ancestors,

Adam and Eve, (the first speaking Modern Humans)
before the language dispersion, or babble at the Tower of Babel
– which kickstarted multi-national human history.

I congratulate you for investigating for yourself

if language is an engineered miracle

or merely the evolved gesturing of chimps.

An Introduction to Edenics

Op Ed article, The Jerusalem Post, January 2005:
The Chattering of Chimps or Babble from Babel?

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Edenic מכר  MaKHaR means “to sell.”
Were a dozen MeRCantile words

merely borrowed from
Semitic MeRChants?    No.  One doesn’t swap letters
(metathesis) when borrowing.  It is babble from Babel.



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